The high-tech industry is really an assortment of companies in a variety of industries. They include high-tech manufacturers, such as high-tech electronics, semiconductor manufacturers, life sciences manufacturers, and computer equipment makers. They also include services firms, such as software developers, scientific research organizations, and technical services firms. But no matter what the specific business, the high-tech industry is characterized by heavy investments in research and development, fast-moving product development cycles, and a high percentage of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) workers.

These characteristics present unique challenges to high-tech industry participants. There is a need for business transformation, as traditional competitors and new entrants seek to disrupt the marketplace. Finding and retaining talent is always a challenge. Strategic cost optimization is always a priority. Interestingly, although they are in the technology business, they often need help in modernizing their own back-office and customer-facing systems.

Avasant has a long history of serving high-tech industry organizations. Our business transformation consultants are experienced in identifying opportunities for new strategic initiatives and business process improvements. Our strategic sourcing consultants can evaluate opportunities to lower costs and improve business outcomes through partnering with service providers, whether onshore, offshore, or near shore. And our governance, risk, and compliance services can ensure ongoing value from our clients’ strategic vendor relationships.


Online media is reinventing how we consume. Traditional cable and satellite providers are quickly losing traction; they need to adjust to new operational models and cut costs to compete. Avasant worked alongside a global telecommunications company motivated to enhance their offerings through digital technologies. We recommended implementing a technology service deck that would decrease operational costs, and create a more efficient customer experience. Traditional providers have a unique opportunity to leverage technology offerings to free up investment capital and stay relevant.

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