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The imagination age is upon us. Organizations bold enough to actively embrace disruption today will define how industries work in the future.

Such organizations know that innovation is not only found through heavily funded R&D teams, rather it often lies with the dreamers in niche firms. They also know that identifying such small firms early in their evolution gives an exceptional competitive advantage – an opportunity to lead the disruption instead of being blindsided by it.

Avasant’s Tech Innovators research program is aimed at finding and highlighting such firms that use emerging digital technologies to build products and services of the future. They are pushing the boundaries for innovation by disrupting traditional business models. They bring together disruptive technologies for their chosen industry and services to enable business transformation.


We are always on the lookout for firms that are leveraging emerging technologies to solve business challenges in never-seen-before ways. Annually, through our 800+ technology product vendor and service provider briefings, over 2,500 enterprise interactions, and tech buyer insights from our panel of Distinguished Fellows, we identify a select group of firms that we believe will bring about the next phase of disruptive innovation. We then publish regular in-depth coverage of these firms to help prospective buyers identify and engage with the right innovative firms to accelerate their disruption journey.


Our research shows two types of Tech Innovators – industry-specific and industry-agnostic.

Industry-specific Tech Innovators target particular industries and solve the grand challenges of those industries by using one or more new technologies. Examples include healthcare, manufacturing, retail, banking, and financial services.

Industry-agnostic Tech Innovators build the foundations for enterprise adoption of new technologies by converting these into enterprise-ready products and services. Examples include use cases for artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, intelligent automation, digital twins, internet of things, and advanced networking.


Who Can Be an Avasant Tech Innovator?

We have set the following criteria for a firm to be chosen as an Avasant Tech Innovator:

  • The offering could either be a technology product or a tech-enabled service
  • Target market is midsize and large enterprises with at least two publicly disclosed implementations in production.
  • The company should have received at least one round of funding
  • The revenue from the innovation offering in its most recent fiscal year generally should be less than USD $250 million.

Tech Innovators can be nominated for coverage by Avasant advisors, analysts, or Avasant Distinguished Fellows. Our choice of coverage will be based on the potential of the offering to fundamentally disrupt or reimagine the way business is done. We are looking for companies that have the potential to impact the markets they serve.

Who Should Read Avasant Tech Innovators? 

Enterprise Buyers

Industries are changing rapidly as new technologies reach maturity and begin to get embedded into the DNA of nearly all industries. Having the right vendor or partner can mean the difference between leading the change or just being a follower. Our Tech Innovators research helps enterprises find the right firms early in their life cycle giving business leaders a competitive advantage.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms

Venture capital and private equity firms have provided much needed capital to drive innovation. The firms identified under Avasant Tech Innovators have reached a product market fit, have proven solution leveraging innovative technology or new business models. These companies are ripe for growth stage investment and are potential partners for existing portfolio companies.

System Integrators and Service Providers 

Responding to fast changing requirements from enterprises requires system integrators and service providers to stitch together innovative solutions. Avasant Tech Innovators identifies up-and-coming technology players that are enterprise ready, and potential partners for system integrators and service providers , driving transformation in large enterprises.