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In today’s world of global trade, the design and execution of the enterprise supply chain are of critical importance. Yet, the supply chains in many organizations often become sub-optimized, with over reliance on too few suppliers, which risks disruptions. Or at the other extreme, there can easily be a proliferation of suppliers that does not promote economies of scale.

Our supply chain consulting services include supply chain strategy, supply chain enablement, supply chain implementation, and continuous improvement of the supply chain function.

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20%-30% savings delivered to our clients through supply chain transformation

Our supply chain strategy consultants work with our clients to enhance supply chain resilience, mitigate risk, and optimize value to the enterprise. We assess current supply chain operations, design the future state supply chain model, and build the business case for implementation. Our strategy consulting also includes an evaluation of your need for new supply chain management systems or opportunities to leverage supply chain outsourcing service providers. Finally, we will assess your current supply chain processes and their need for improvement.

    • Supply Chain Transformation: Assessing the current state of the supply chain function, design the desired future state, and what it will take to get there in terms of people, processes, systems, data, and governance.
    • End-to-End Supply Chain Optimization: Designing effective and efficient supply chain processes, from demand planning to sourcing suppliers at one end to procurement, receipt, and fulfillment to customers at the other end.
    • Procurement Strategy: Zeroing in on procure-to-pay processes to optimize the procurement function in terms of people, processes, technology, and potential use of business process service providers in select roles.
    • Vendor Management Strategy: Assessing and segmenting the supplier base, identifying new sources, qualifying and certifying them, and managing their performance.
    • Risk Management: Understanding where there is risk of supply chain disruption, establishing systems to monitor risks, and proactively mitigating those risks, for example, through sourcing alternative suppliers or buffering inventory. For many organizations, one specific need is to have a <a” href=”https://avasant.com/report/china-diversification-strategies-and-options-for-relocation/”>China Diversification Strategy to proactively reduce their dependence on China-based suppliers
    • ESG Strategy: Aligning the supply chain to achieve environmental goals around greenhouse gas reductions, social goals around supplier diversity, and governance of the entire program.


Enablement is the key phase in planning and preparing for the realization of the future state supply chain

Our supply chain consultants work with you to identify the capabilities–whether internal or external–to realize the supply chain strategy. We design the supply chain organization, develop the implementation road map, and assess your organization’s readiness for the change, along with the change management framework for sustainability and value realization.

Supply chain enablement includes selecting and contracting with supply chain technology products and service providers, based on our strategic sourcing methodology.

Our supply chain consultants have specific experience in a number of industry supply chains, such as manufacturing, retail, distribution, healthcare, aerospace and defense, utilities, life sciences, financial services, travel and transportation, and the public sector.


To implement  the supply chain strategy, you need formal program management disciplines to realize the full value.

The best supply chain strategy means nothing if it is not implemented. This is where our supply chain program management consultants come in. Here, we can lead or co-lead the supply chain program management office (PMO) and oversee the implementation plan, ensuring that value is not lost due to cost or schedule overruns.

Our services include reviewing and approving service provider implementation plans, establishing key performance indicators, launching the implementation program, overseeing execution, and supporting the transition to the future state.


A key objective is to establish a continuous improvement program to ensure ongoing business value from the supply chain.

Supply chains should not be static. They should evolve as business conditions change. Suppliers need to be continually evaluated to ensure they are delivering value and, if necessary, replaced with new suppliers.

On the customer side, buyer demand patterns need to be continually evaluated to ensure that the supply chain is responsive to changes in volume and product mix.

Our supply chain consultants stay involved with our clients to support them in quantifying the value realized, ensuring partner performance, and establishing a continuous improvement framework.


What is a supply chain?

A supply chain is an end-to-end network of suppliers to fulfill an ultimate customer’s demand for a product or service. In other words, your supply chain includes your suppliers, your supplier’s suppliers, and so forth, all the way back to raw materials.

What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management includes the people, processes, and technologies that organizations use to manage their supply chains. It includes supply chain planning to support the planning of supply and demand, both within the organization and also across the supply chain of customers and suppliers.

What are supply chain consulting services?

Supply chain consulting refers to professional services that advise clients on supply chain design and the implementation of supply chain management systems. It includes supply chain assessments, supply chain strategy consulting, supply chain design, supply chain implementation, supply chain optimization, and ongoing support for supply chain governance.

What do supply chain consultants do?

Supply chain consultants work closely with the client to understand the unique characteristics of the client’s business model and supply chain. They then assess the people, processes, and technologies that are used in supply chain management.

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