Avasant Presents at SIG Webinar Series

Avasant Presents at SIG Webinar Series

Jan 26, 2016

Combining Industry Best Practices, Process Automation and State-of-the-Art Technology to Ensure Governance Success!


Today, global sourcing is an increasingly complex and risky business. Operating in an ever-evolving global business services (GBS) environment involving shared services, outsourcing (ITO/BPO/KPO) and the new world of digital services, sourcing professionals have their hands full as they’re unfortunately all too often managing these complex business relationships in the rear-view mirror.

According to industry figures, organizations typically can spend up to 12% of annual contract value just on governance of sourcing relationships. As multi-sourcing becomes the norm and contracts get more complex, governance automation through technology enabled managed service is becoming an imperative.

During this session, you’ll learn about the four key components of effective sourcing governance. A case study from a financial services organization will illustrate how using SaaS based governance solution coupled with a managed service can reduce sourcing governance costs by up to 50%, while ensuring compliance with increasingly complex 3rd party risk management regulations. Finally, Avasant will share how organizations are using real-time analytics, dashboards and support by teams of experts to optimize the business value across their portfolio of vendor relationships. This webinar will enable sourcing and vendor management executives to understand key challenges with governance and effective ways address them.