22nd Annual Convention of Canieti Occidente

July 26, 2018 – July 29, 2018
Puerto Vallarta, MX


Considered as a guru of the knowing and making digital transformation and everything related to it, Anupam Govil comes to Jalisco to participate in the Annual Convention of Canieti Occidente, presided by Isaac Ávila Ahumada and that will take place in Puerto Vallarta from 26 to July 29.

Anupam Govil is a partner at Avasant, a leader of Management Consulting, which focuses on Digital Transformation Services, Sourcing and Globalization. It is also the President of AvaSense (wholly owned subsidiary of Avasant) which
Provides government services of suppliers

In Avasant, he leads the practice of Digital Transformation, Banking and Insurance, as well as the Practice of Global Strategy for Latin America. He is also a Member of the Board of Avasant Foundation and is part of the board of several industry associations, such as GIS (Sourcing Interest Group), Global Digital Innovation Council, IRPA (Institute for Robotic Automation) and TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs).

Anupam is a defender of the Digital Transformation and Globalization with more than 25 years of experience in providing Sourcing Services, Technology and Strategic Advice to Global Enterprises and Private Equity Funds.

He has advised governments and investment promotion agencies in more than 40 countries to promote economic development through ICT and digital services. Nearshore America has constantly classified him among the 30 main influential executives in the industry. Mr. Govil is also a very coveted guest speaker and co-chair of several conferences leaders in the industry, such as the series Empowering Beyond, Digital Convergence, the Automation Innovation Conference of IRPA, Wall Street Tech and others.

Translated and re-printed from Axopolis.com.


The President of Canieti Occidente, Isaac Avila, announced that during its annual convention to be held from 27 to 30 July in Puerto Vallarta, there will be great novelties and toolkits  ready to be used in companies to achieve full entry into Industry 4.0. In an interview after attending the weekly session of the Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco (CCIJ), of which Canieti Occidente is part, he said that mainly in his annual event two issues will be dealt  of vital importance for the sector, composed  of what are information technology and electronics industry. “ During the first day of conferences we will have the discussion of the 20-25 vision of the High Technology Sector”. The objective is “to understand where we are as a sector, what are the challenges we have in the short and medium term to understand well where we are going or we have to direct the objectives in the next three or five years”.The second day practically the theme will focus on the future visión and everything that has to do with Industry 4.0 There will be the participation of great gurus from several countries ofhe world who will show how they have managed to stand out at a global level.


July 26, 2018 – July 29, 2018


Puerto Vallarta, MX.


The National Chamber of the Electronics Industry of Telecommunications and Information Technology has more than 80 years of life in our country, becoming a representative entity of the three sectors, promoting its development in a global environment with high quality services.

CANIETI is an institution of public interest, autonomous, with legal personality and its own assets, different from that of each of its members; constituted in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Business Chambers and their Confederations.

Our main purpose is to achieve the competitive development of the National Industry with guild sense and social responsibility.

Since 2003, CANIETI has received 8 times the National Award of Ethics and Values awarded by the National Confederation of Industrial Chambers (CONCAMIN) to the body that demonstrates a commitment and a social responsibility both to its members and to society in general.

In CANIETI, natural or legal persons legally established both in the Mexican Republic and abroad are affiliated, who are usually engaged in activities related to the electronic sector, telecommunications or Information Technology.

The Chamber is made up of more than 1000 affiliated companies throughout Mexico, grouped to defend and monitor their common rights and interests.

Learn more at http://www.canieti.org/canieti/quienessomos.aspx.