Navigating the Digital Landscape

April 16, 2019
DwF, 20 Fenchurch St
London, EC3M 3BY. United Kingdom


In the launch of the UK Chapter of IRPA AI, proudly led by Avasant, we are excited to provide leadership to create a community of practitioners, suppliers and enablers of digital technology to share experiences and facilitate learning.

The UK Chapter will be the central point for a digital ecosystem in the UK that provides the platform for thought leadership, learning, and experience sharing in a collaborative and relational environment around Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

We look forward to working with you.


Opening keynote: Charting the Digital Landscape

This session will set the context for the event by articulating the landscape for digital transformation.

  • The Digital Landscape – Creating the Digital Enterprise
    • Current state of digital transformations being led by enterprises; success, challenges, etc.
    • Is digital transformation different from earlier transformation programmes that enterprises undertook? Or is it merely old wine in a new bottle?
    • What is unique about digital transformation? Do we need to think about digital transformation differently?
    • What are the questions enterprises need to be asking?
    • What organisational learning from earlier transformation initiatives are relevant for today? Or is it a new capability entirely absent in organisations that needs to be developed
  • The Digital Transformation Journey
    • What are the stages of the journey? What should enterprises do in each stage of the journey?

Expert Panel: Designing and Delivering on the Digital Transformation programme

This session will explore the different models of structuring and delivering digital transformation.

  • Platform based v franchise models, i.e., centralised v decentralised models
  • Centres of Excellence
  • Role of traditional IT in integrating digital tools into the overall enterprise technology infrastructure. How do we ensure the digital infrastructure is not a patchwork of disparate tools rather a seamless and integrated architecture?
  • Scaling IA and AI
  • Governance of Digital transformation; managing implementation

Expert Panel: Building an Ethical Digital DNA

This session will explore two softer aspects of digital transformation. First, how does the enterprise make digital thinking part of its DNA. Second, how does the enterprise embed ethical values into its digital DNA to ensure it is sustainable and socially responsible? How will the enterprise ensure that its race to becoming a Digital Enterprise is not about technology, rather about creating a sustainable enterprise?

Closing Keynote: Navigating the Digital Landscape

The closing keynote will tie all the strands of discussions during the event to present a cohesive plan to navigate the digital transformation journey.


April 16, 2019
12:30 – 18:00


DwF, 20 Fenchurch St,
London, EC3M 3BY, United Kingdom

For registration information, please contact Nicole Dulay at nicole.dulay@avasant.com.

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