in London, UK

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
8:00am-7:30pm GMT

Coming Singularity – Does AI usher in a wonderful new world for each of us as individuals or is it the end of society as we know it?

Featured Keynote Speaker: Kevin S. Parikh, Global CEO & Senior Partner

When: 3:20pm-3:50pm

Digital Singularity is now omnipresent, and it’s doing nothing less than rewiring human society. The traditional brick-and-mortar approach to selling consumer goods is disappearing—fast, and the very definition of what constitutes work— and what constitutes value— is shifting beneath us. There is profound uncertainty in all this change, but there is also profound, unparalleled opportunity that’s happening before our eyes. In this session, we’ll talk about the society-wide solutions that the Digital Age demands, and we’ll argue a case for why humankind is better positioned to engineer those solutions than ever before.

Is Bangalore the Next Detroit?

Featured Moderator: Anupam Govil, Partner

When: 12:50pm-1:30pm

Bangalore’s massive growth over the past 2 decades has been driven by the IT boom and the rise of business process outsourcing, but now advances in RPA and AI threaten the city. A recent report from FICCI predicts that over 20% of Indian jobs are at risk of going away by 2022 due to advances in RPA and AI. Is Bangalore the next Detroit? Much like Detroit came to dominate the auto industry, so too did Bangalore in BPO. Also much like Detroit, the foundational business models are now losing inertia due to more cost-efficient technology solutions. As Indian offshore providers downsize their workforce, massive unemployment leads to depressed real estate values and social upheaval. Join this session to hear the predictions and propositions of experts.


Our fourth annual Automation Innovation conference, “2017: Exploiting the Second Wave,” is all about taking the lessons learned in the last three years, and applying those to harness the power of RPA, Cognitive Computing, and Artificial Intelligence today. We’re at the tipping point in our industry where there is no turning back. The first wave of early adopters have put the technology to the test – and are now gearing up for the Second Wave that takes lessons learned and goes beyond the first implementations.

The software is smarter and so are we.

This year’s conference provides the foundation for those who are beginning their investment in Automation, enabling them to learn from the successes and challenges learned during the first wave. Second Wavers will benefit from more challenging and thoughtful content that addresses key issues such as scaling up and developing Centers of Excellence. Conference attendees will be able to select from two different tracks with our expanded program, participating in either beginner or advanced education sessions, workshops, special interest groups and breakouts sessions, as well as hear the latest trends and implementation case studies.


Wednesday, December 13, 2017
8:00am-7:30pm GMT


St. Pauls 200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A 4HD


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