“Blockchain & Technology Symposium”

March 5-6, 2019
Edmonton Convention Center, Edmonton, Alberta

Industry 4.0 and its Digital enablers – AI, Automation, Blockchain, IoT

Session abstract: Every industry is on the verge of significant transformation as the value chains undergo disruptions triggered by market changes as well as technology innovation. Industry 4.0 heralds the emergence of the Intelligent Enterprise that is able to harness and channel the power of data to go beyond optimization and drive predictive insights and autonomous decision-making. Leveraging emerging technologies such as RPA, AI, Blockchain and IoT in a hyper-convergent way can enable the Intelligent Enterprise and unleash true business value across the organization and customer value chain. This session will provide a perspective on the transformation across different industries – From Manufacturing to Retail to Transportation and Utilities.

Speakers to Include:

Honorable Shay Anderson – Minister of Municipal Affair
Tom Ruth – President, CEO Edmonton International Airport
Janet Riopel – President, CEO Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
Michelle Scarborough – Business Development Bank of Canada, Strategic Investments
Koleya Karringten – President, CEO Absolute Combustion International Inc.
Janine Moir – Deloitte, Assurance
Richard Jones – Partner, McMillan LLP
Saifedean Ammous PhD. – Professor, Author – The Bitcoin Standard
Brenda Slauko – Business Development Bank of Canada, Regional Director
Doug Holt – Alberta Innovates, Director of Investments
Randall Johnson – International blockchain regulatory expert
Ken Brizel – President, ACAMP
Monte Schwing – CEO, Apollo IQ
Dave Bradley – Chief Technology Officer, Oleum Capital
Tatiana Koffman-Director, Digital Securities – FullCycle
Francis Pouliot–Bull Bitcoin
James Graham –President, CEO, Guild One
Jordan Cicoria–Managing Director, AeriumAnalytics
Preston Byrne -Leading Bitcoin/Blockchain lawyer, fellow at the Adam Smith Institute
Cory Janssen –President, CEO AltaML
Mike Brown –ATB

Main Technology Focus Areas:

Internet of Things


Machine Learning


March 5-6, 2019


Edmonton Convention Center,
Edmonton, Alberta

About The Blockchain & Technology Symposium

The Blockchain & Technology Symposium brings together blockchain, robotics, machine learning and IoT but adds the market aspects of government, academia, industry leaders and venture capital creating a space to not only showcase our tech industry but promote industry growth directly by connecting our partners with capital, customers, and opportunity.

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