BPO Innovations Conference 2015

BPO Innovations Conference 2015

Oct 22, 2015


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As Program Advisor and Speaker, Avasant Partner, Anupam Govil will Chair a session “Enabling Digital Transformation through Winning Partnerships” at the BPO Innovations Conference 2015 on October 22, 2015 in New York.

Event Theme: “Digital Transformation and the Next Wave of Business Value Add”
Venue: Bohemian National Hall | 321 East 73rd Street New York, 10021 | United States

As technology plays an ever increasing role in BPO solutions both provider and buyers are benefitting from an accelerated path to all forms of innovation. Greater speed, analytics, quality and scalability are just the beginning. Dramatically lowered costs and regulatory risk mitigation are also by-products of the digital transformation of business processes.

Reasons to Attend:

  • Learn more about how digital trends and transformative technologies are delivering greater innovation
  • Hear from top experts as to what’s real what’s hype and what can process owners expect as to real business value add
  • Meet with peers and thought leaders who are leading the charge to digital BPO innovation
  • Accelerate your career trajectory
  • Build your rolodex
  • Leave the day with both strategic and tactical action items that will enable you to get more from existing and future BPO engagements

Session Theme: “Enabling Digital Transformation through Winning Partnerships”

Session Time: 10:40AM – 11:20AM

Session Description:
Digital Transformation is now an imperative for global firms to remain competitive in the Digital Economy. Sourcing executives are under pressure to lead this transformation while maintaining their legacy environment and not disrupting their traditional supply chains. However this is not just question of a Digital facelift through a UX or Mobile interface. What is required is to develop Digital Value Chains that can drive business and operational efficiencies in a fast paced economy. How can organizations leverage their provider ecosystem to evolve to a Digital Business? How are Providers tackling this change in their customer’s needs and shift to the Cloud and As-a-Service platforms? Does the Digital enterprise require companies to collaborate more intrinsically with their providers to ensure end to end alignment of objectives and a converged IT-BPO stack? This session will address some of these critical choices facing Business and Sourcing executives today.

Moderator: Anupam Govil, Partner, Avasant

Panelist: Michael Small, Global Sales Officer, Capgemini BPO; Xerox