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    It is time to get ready for a “quantum” leap in computing. In the past decade, quantum computing has leaped from science fiction to working prototypes and pilots run by large enterprises. Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize almost every field and will have broad-ranging impact on every industry. It will open the doors to real-time analytics, faster and better decision-making, better forecasting, faster prototyping, and the creation of new products. 

    But Quantum will also require new technology stacks and application architecture. Emerging Quantum application scenarios include data security, communication, remote sensing, product simulation, drug discovery etc.    

    This “Future Ready” digital forum will feature industry leaders addressing the impact of Quantum, such as:   

    • Why enterprises need to start thinking about quantum in their business strategy 
    • What are the real-world applications of quantum  
    • What business value can be delivered by quantum  

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