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    Rethinking Networking and Security with SASE

    Digital and cloud transformations have increased complexity for IT organizations. Reduced visibility, legacy systems, and securing data and applications can all impact agility and the bottom line. At the same time, the traditional enterprise network is being challenged by catering to multiple clouds and responding to a changing perimeter brought on by increased work from home. The bottom line is that security and network management is just much harder and requires a new way of thinking. Join a panel of security and network experts as they discuss one such option for rethinking network and security—Secure Access Server Edge (SASE). They will cover topics such as:

    • What role can SASE play within Digital and Cloud transformation journey?
    • How can SASE change the network and security environment?
    • Ways of reducing IT costs and complexity through SASE
    • How can IT leaders implement SASE effectively within their environment?