Globalization Advisory

Africa - The Next Outsourcing Frontier

Dr. Pradeep K. Mukherji

Countries across Africa are vying for position as competitive destinations for IT/ BPO by promoting low-cost labor and nurturing conditions for the development of world class IT and public infrastructure. In this article, Dr. P.K.Mukherji highlights the vast African opportunity and how government, and the private sector alike can participate in the same.

Following in the footsteps of India and the Philippines, countries across Africa are trying to position themselves as competitive destinations for IT/ BPO by promoting low cost labor and nurturing conditions for a build up of world class IT infrastructure. These nations are leveraging their advaantage of younger demographics, population with good English and Frenchl anguage skills, a high degree of cultural alignment to Western countries coupled with a similar timezone to Europe and a shared business culture.The countries are realigning their focus to address the paradigm shift in the outsourcing arena and are developing comprehensive strateggies to rapidly position themselves as attractive destinations for IT/BPO services opportunities and to gain considerable marketshare.

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