Globalization Advisory

Impact Sourcing: Transforming Global Sourcing into a Socio-Economic Endeavor

Kevin S. Parikh & Anupam Govil

Impact Sourcing, a new concept in the sourcing world revolves around the premise of creating social impact through the economic lever of Global Sourcing. The concept focuses on employment generation within the poorer and less educated sections of the society by providing access to job
opportunities such as data management, content editing and low-end transcription. By connecting latent demand for such tasks from large global companies to an untapped pool of labor at the bottom of the pyramid, Impact Sourcing has the potential to change the socio-economic landscape
in underdeveloped regions of the world.

Avasant Global CEO, Kevin S. Parikh and Partner, Anupam Govil co-author an article on Impact Sourcing for Global Sourcing Council annual newsletter. This paper is published on “The Global Sourcing Council” Dec. 2011 newsletter.

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