Sourcing Advisory

Trends Likely to Impact Global Sourcing in 2013

Dr. Pradeep K. Mukherji & Alok Ranjan
Jan 2013

Welcome 2013, a year we anticipate positive change in market dynamics of the global sourcing industry as the cloud of uncertainty around US Presidential Elections disperses, the US economy avoids the “fiscal cliff” and large number of outsourcing contracts come up for renewal and negotiations. While 2012 witnessed market uncertainties amid global financial crisis, this year we expect global investments to show an upward trend. In the area of technology, investment in cloud services and mobile networking is expected to grow significantly, making a radical change in the global service delivery model. Strategic sourcing decisions will have to be tweaked to support the new paradigm in services delivery. Cloud based service delivery models will lead to additional debate, dialog and concern about issues like security. Buyers of services will show an inclination to source services from near shore destinations like Latin America & Africa, to enable easier coordination and governance. Use of social media, blogs and discussion forums is expected to have an impact on the sourcing decision making process.

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