Sourcing Advisory

Sourcing Trends 2014: The Year of Transformation

Anupam Govil & Dr. P.K. Mukherji

As we welcome 2014, global sourcing is witnessing changes driven by fast-paced technology, development of customized service offerings, and emergence of new business paradigms. The market is expected to go northwards with stronger contributions from Americas and increased demand in Europe and Asia Pacific. Avasant believes that innovation led transformation will have a significant impact on shaping the sourcing landscape in 2014.

Traditional outsourcing models are crumbling rapidly with continued globalization, industry diversifications, and rapidly changing market dynamics. It is a world of converging technologies, transforming business models, increasing location complexities and shifting vendor landscape. Driven by the pressures of these fast-paced technology changes and innovation, outsourcing industry is witnessing challenges as well as new opportunities never seen before. Predicting what will happen in 2014 is difficult yet stimulating – so here is our perspective on the key trends that will influence global sourcing in 2014.

The Trends Matrix

Avasant sees many of these outsourcing trends cut across industries and having a profound effect on how organizations evolve and transform their business models. While these outsourcing trends are being evidenced in industry verticals, the primary drivers are horizontal factors that carry an impact across various industries, albeit in different ways.

In this report, we intend to bring out not only the primary horizontal trends but also their intrinsic relationship with various industry verticals, which is critical to understand future market dynamics. The following matrix depicts the extent of impact of each of these horizontal trends across industry verticals:

Sourcing Matrix - Sourcing Trends 2014: The Year of Transformation
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