Technology Optimization

Operational Impact of Cloud Computing on Buyer and Service Provider Organizations

Dr. Pradeep K. Mukherji & Chirag Rawat

Cloud computing has further reduced the constraints of doing business in this global economy. It has enabled flexibility, agility, mobility and ability to pay for IT services based on use. Stakeholders from the buyer and provider side have to align their operations to reap the benefit of the new reality. This whitepaper attempts to shed light on the impact on the role of IT Delivery, Finance and Vendor Management from the buyer side and Sales and Solutioning from the Provider side, due to adoption of Cloud Computing.

In a globalized world, businesses are demanding more agility, mobility, cost-effectiveness and on-demand usage from their IT solutions. Cloud computing which is addressing such demands is climbing up the priority charts. According to a recent study, CIOs will spend more than 30% of their IT budgets on cloud computing in the next five years. The adoption of cloud computing will change the way IT solutions are managed, financed, procured and sold. This whitepaper at-tempts to describe the impact of Cloud Computing adoption on the operational responsibilities of key stakeholders from buyer and IT service provider side.

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