Public Sector Outsourcing and Nunavut: GlobeTalk with Avasant

This episode of GlobeTalk with Avasant focuses on how innovation in the technology services industry is impacting the public sector. In the first half hour, we will explore the issue of technology outsourcing at the state and local government level. Ravi Mahalingam, Avasant’s General Counsel, will provide insights on developing issues and trends in public sector outsourcing. In the second half hour, we will travel to the North Pole to Nunavut, the youngest and largest Canadian province which stretches into and above the Arctic Circle. We will look at how this province is attempting to modernize its telecommunications network in a geographically challenging environment to provide services to a dispersed population. Amit Singh, a partner of Avasant will be our guest and travel guide to introduce us to this unique place.