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Avasant’s RadarView™ Recognizes the Top-Tier Providers Supporting Airlines and Airports in Digital Transformation

Avasant has unveiled its Airlines and Airports Digital Services RadarViewTM 2019-2020, a pioneering market assessment report that recognizes the top 22 providers for digital transformation in Airline and Airport Industry. These 22 providers have shown mature capabilities and consistent growth in their Airlines and Airports digital service offerings and have been assessed across three key dimensions – practice maturity, investments & innovation, and ecosystem development. The report categorizes the top service providers as follows: Download Avasant’s complimentary 102-page report here. Carlos Hernandez, a partner with Avasant and Travel and Transportation Industry Lead, congratulated the winners, noting, “Airlines and Airports industries are in the midst of several fundamental changes. With the plateauing of traditional markets, there is an imperative to identify and develop new revenue growth engines, such as the Asia Pacific region and the low cost carrier segment. At the same time sustainability and cybersecurity are emerging as significant factors for the new strategy development. Embracing emerging technologies aggressively across the value chain to drive real business and operating model transformation will be the key mantra for success.” The Airlines and Airports Digital Services RadarViewTM 2019-2020 Report addresses the need of enterprises to understand the right action points to navigate through the challenges and gain competitive advantage. It also identifies the key global service providers and system integrators that can help enterprises in true business transformation. Some of the key findings from the report include:
  • The primary engines of industry growth, with a cumulative average growth rate of over 10%, are the Asia-Pacific domestic and the Low-Cost Carrier segments. American and Middle Eastern airlines are expected to make significant investments in these segments.
  • Sustainability related activism and eco-taxes will drive significant investments, such as large-scale re-fleeting and bio fuel adoption, to improve fuel efficiency by up to 20%.
  • New Distribution Capability adoption is accelerating and is beginning to transform how Airline offerings are retailed. The potential upside in terms of profit per passenger could be as high as 150-200%.
  • The perpetual threat of customer data breaches will continue to drive an over 30% growth in cybersecurity related investments across the industries.
  • More innovative ecosystem partnerships, such as those between airlines and training institutes to address the shortage of pilots and technicians and the associated wage increases, have already started and will continue to expand and deepen.
  • Emerging technology adoption will continue to accelerate with several use cases addressing new ancillary revenue stream development, customer experience reimagination and proactive operations optimization becoming mainstream rapidly.
  • Over 80-90% of new contracts and over 70-80% of renewal contracts will include digital technology implementation, and this will lead to more strategic, outcome-based outsourcing partnerships between enterprises and providers.
Avasant’s Research Director, Swapnil Bhatnagar, added “Achieving true emerging technology-led business and operating model transformation is a key strategic goal for nearly all enterprises in these industries. This presents a tremendous opportunity for providers to develop deeper, strategic partnerships with Airlines and Airports. Progressive providers are aggressively investing their domain and transformation expertise, and are supporting enterprises across the entire value chain as they accelerate their digital journeys.” About Avasant Avasant is a leading management consulting firm focused on translating the power of technology into realizable business strategies for the world’s largest corporations. Specializing in digital and IT transformation, sourcing advisory, global strategy, and governance services, Avasant prides itself on delivering high-value engagements through industry-focused innovation and flexible client-based solutions. Our seasoned professionals have an average of 20 years of industry-honed expertise, having conducted 1000+ engagements in over 50 countries. Avasant’s next generation consulting and advisory methods have made it the top-ranked firm in its class, with recognition from numerous organizations, including: Vault, NOA, IAOP, and Wall Street Journal. Avasant’s engagement in the global market has inspired a strong commitment to community and purpose. Avasant Foundation supports technology and skill development programs to create employment opportunities for youth across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. For more information, visit Follow news, photos and video on Twitter at, Facebook at, and LinkedIn at . Contact Michelle Roopnarine Marketing Manager Avasant