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Avasant’s CEO, Heralds Africa as the Next BPO Growth Region at NASSCOM BPO Summit

June 18, 2010 Bangalore: Kevin S. Parikh, the Global CEO of Avasant, presented to over 500 attendees during the Country Session at this year's 11th annual NASSCOM BPO Summit conference. The focus of the BPO Summit was on "Efficiency, Transformation, and Growth During the Economic Downturn." The conference was held on the 9th and 10th of June 2010 at Hotel Leela Palace in Bangalore, India. The Country Session included discussions on India's rapidly emerging Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector and its potential to partner with Africa, Brazil, Jordan, Scotland, and the Philippines. The discussions underscored the best way for India to continue its growth in the BPO Market is by collaborating with these regions. Mr. Parikh covered Africa's rapid transformation over the past five years, from an area of seemingly low potential, to an area of great opportunity and economic growth. In his speech Mr. Parikh commented. "After India and China, Africa has the next 1 billion people ready to enter into the global marketplace." Mr. Parikh's Presentation covered these Key Africa Facts: 50+ Countries with a population of over 1 billion In last 5 years cellular market grew 5000% (400mn+ Telecom Subscribers); internet grew 630% Fastest growing ICT market worldwide - 50% Growth YOY largely dominated by mobile telephony According to IDC estimates, Africa's IT market is expected to be over $22 billion in 2010 Africa will draw over $90 billion per year to build the infrastructure to support growth and meet development goals (World Bank estimates) ICT & High-tech business on the agenda of many African governments which is seen as a catalyst for development Mr. Parikh added, "African Countries are pulling investment from the World Bank, U.S. AID, the United Nations and other non profits at a rate of almost U.S. $70 billion per year." His Speech received global coverage, as national and international decision makers, government officials, IT leaders, investment bankers, and other important delegates were in attendance. The speech was also featured in the Times of India, the most prominent newspaper in the region. About Avasant Avasant is a next generation management consultancy firm with internationally recognized expertise in sourcing and globalization solutions. Avasant has been ranked as the No. 1 BPO Advisor in the world and a top 10 full services ITO advisory firm in the Black Book of Outsourcing (as published by the Wall Street Journal). Avasant's experts have extensive experience in helping both commercial and governmental organizations keep pace with rapidly changing requirements through the use of strategic sourcing and global market expansion services. For more information about sourcing advisory services or globalization consulting services,visit: Contact: Rebecca Salazar-Frech O: (310) 643-3030