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Stradling Global Sourcing changes name to Avasant

The word Avasant is an amalgam of the Latin derived root "aviso," meaning "to advise or inform," and the Sanskrit based word "sant," meaning "good or sagely." Together, the words personify intelligent and knowledgeable advisors who share a global perspective. NEWPORT BEACH, June 24-- Stradling Global Sourcing today announced that it has changed the company's name to Avasant to more accurately reflect its focus on providing global management advisory services. Avasant offers management consulting for global sourcing and globalization services.  The company's global sourcing services include:  information technology outsourcing (ITO), business process outsourcing (BPO) and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO).  Avasant's globalization services include: M&A Deal Structuring, G2Market Services, Global Legal Services, and Private Equity Consulting. "The combination of these types of expertise has created a new force in global management consulting and enables Avasant to take full advantage of the latest market trends," said Avasant's CEO, Kevin S. Parikh. "We have the tools, the people, and the thought-leadership to serve the Fortune 1000, who now find sourcing and business process transformations vital to their success in the global marketplace." About Avasant Avasant is recognized as one of the "Top-Ten" strategic sourcing advisory firms by the Black Book of Outsourcing.  Avasant helps clients navigate the complete lifecycle for sourcing IT, Business and Knowledge Process services. Avasant's experienced team of management consultants, advisors, and lawyers offer holistic advisory services for developing sourcing strategy, executing sourcing transactions and managing sourcing relationships. Avasant's methods and practices have been refined over decades of experience spread across a talented team serving clients worldwide. The company's experts have collectively conducted more than 1000 sourcing and globalization engagements since 2001 in more than 40 countries.
Corporate Locations:

Los Angeles

(Headquarters) Shevy Magen (949) 737-4790

New York

Bob Randolph (949) 500-3364


Mike Andersen (847) 732-4474

San Francisco

Amit Singh (408) 910-9815

San Diego

Jay Priday (760) 742-4396


Pradeep K. Mukherji +91 22 26313599
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