Press Release

Stradling Supports FAO Research’s Analysis of FAO SLAs

FAO Research recently announced the availability of its newly published research report, "Increased Client Sophistication Leads to Changes in FAO SLAs and Supplier/Client Relationships." Over fourteen (14) leading sourcing consultants and lawyers, including Amit K. Singh, Stradling Global Sourcing's Global Lead for BPO, supported the findings.  The purpose and objective of this study was to understand how FAO contract performance measurements have changed over time and determine what the market can expect regarding service level agreements (SLAs) for FAO contracts in the near future. FAO Research predicts that FAO SLAs will no longer be etched in stone from the outset but rather become living documents that change as conditions warrant throughout the life of the contract as a result of both parties working together as a team towards a common goal.