IBM recognized as a Leader in Avasant’s Blockchain Services RadarView™ Report

Among endless service provider options, novel and disruptive mechanics in the innovation of Blockchain brings recognition as a Leader for Blockchain Services 2018.

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Industry pioneer. Strong ongoing blockchain commitment. Driving industry adoption with innovative, show case deployments and thought leadership.

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Practice Maturity

  • IBM has been a pioneer of the Blockchain industry and has made, and continues to make, significant technical contributions to Hyperledger development, both in terms of core technology and in developing accelerators to enable widespread blockchain development and implementation.
  • One of the largest Blockchain practices with significant technical and business acumen, and strong joint ventures spread across the globe. They have several marquee client engagements within their 400+ live engagements which span all the key industries and quite a few niche use cases.
  • IBM leverages a wide variety of commercial engagement models including fixed fees to joint ventures for co-innovation and development.
  • With a wide client base, IBM is well positioned to support production grade enterprise adoption of blockchain and drive identification of newer use cases.
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  • IBM continues to make significant investment in the development of the Hyperledger technology as part of the Linux Foundation Hyperledger foundation and is partnering with a number of enterprises and technology companies to develop the technology further.
  • IBM has a robust and comprehensive partner ecosystem which spans clients, consortia, enterprises, industry specific associations, academia and the start up ecosystem.

Industry Development

  • IBM is a founding member of the Linux Foundation Hyperledger project and has donated most of the initial code. It continues to work with different members for developments such as Fabric and Composer. In addition, it also leads a number of industry specific consortiums focusing on solving industry-specific problems through blockchain.
  • IBM is an established thought leader in this space and contributes and provides forums for industry discussion and interaction through several events and forums.
  • The decision to be Hyperledger centric is thought through. Fortunately, the platform debate is not a winner-take-all like the Betamax vs. VHS videotape format battle. Rather there is space for multiple platforms to flourish.


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