NTT recognized as an Innovator in Avasant’s Digital Masters RadarView™ Report

Among endless service provider options, novel and disruptive mechanics in innovation brings recognition as an Innovator in Avasant’s Digital Masters RadarView™ Report 2019.

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Digital Pre-Requisites

  • NTT has been the frontrunner in identifying tech prerequisites in their nascency and investing in developing them. Its approach has traditionally been to develop an R&D program at its innovation centers to conduct fundamental research in these areas, develop patents and IPs, and then develop a product/offering. This approach means that it has differentiated offerings, but it also results in a slightly longer time-to-market.
  • It has been one of the few providers to have a Chief Digital Officer for each of its operating businesses. This has resulted in the development of a number of technical solutions that integrate digital offerings with existing legacy environments, a key challenge for most enterprises. This has also led to the development of centralized tools across emerging technologies which form the fulcrum of service delivery across all engagements.
  • It has also developed a number of industry use cases, either by itself or through partnerships, to help enterprises understand the technologies and potential benefits. It has use cases specifically for each tech prerequisite, but it also has a number of advanced-stage use cases that span many of them.
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Digital Convergence

  • Using its R&D-focused approach, NTT has built an advanced set of solutions that span multiple tech prerequisites, especially built around artificial intelligence, automation and hybrid cloud. Some of these assets, such as AI.Studio (AI platform for hybrid infrastructure operations management), AICYCLE (analytics automation platform), and DataRobot (ML-based automation platform) have seen significant client acceptance globally.
  • NTT typically uses a hyperconverged approach to support digital transformation for enterprises. Thus, it begins by moving existing infrastructure to a hybrid cloud environment and then integrating AI, automation, Internet of Things and other solutions so that the clients can achieve higher business value.
  • It has worked effectively with technology partners to ensure its solutions and offerings are platform agnostic to reduce vendor lock-in for enterprises.

Future Centricity

  • NTT has taken an aggressive goal to become a “Top 5” company in key digital technologies by 2025. To support this, it has been making multiple investments, including acquisitions such as WhiteHat Security (2019), Magentys (2018) and Sierra Systems Group (2018). We expect NTT to continue to with more acquisitions after the creation of its holding company stabilizes.
  • It has also set up a new global innovation fund called NTT Venture Capital L.P.. This is a limited partnership aimed at expanding investments in digital technology, especially in the non-domestic market. The fund raised over $500 M in 2018 for investment in start up companies.
  • It has a vibrant presence in various high-tech consortiums and associations, which helps NTT participate in the development of standards in nascent technologies.


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