Artificial Intelligence Adoption Trends and Customer Experience 2020

August, 2020


Artificial intelligence is not a single technology but several closely grouped technologies that allow for a machine to absorb and analyze data in order to make a recommendation or take an action. AI is not yet a mature technology, but interest in it is growing. Although only 13% of companies that completed our Technology Trends 2020 survey have adopted any type of AI solution, 27% indicate that they are investing in new AI capabilities. This report provides an overview of AI adoption and investment trends, providing data on how many organizations have solutions in place, how many are in the process of implementing it, and how many are expanding implementations. We also look at the return on investment experience, total cost of ownership experience, and which type of solutions are the most popular. We conclude with steps to consider when planning for an AI implementation. (21 pp., 10 fig)
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