Avasant Digital Forum: The New Age of Media: Driving the Digital Experience

October, 2021

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The New Age of Media: Driving the Digital Experience

Despite the explosion of streaming services, thousands of channels, dozens of video sharing apps, and countless other forms of digital entertainment the question “what should we watch” still echoes in living rooms throughout the world. The overwhelming amount of choice makes it hard for viewers, but also hard for platforms that have to deliver the content securely and efficiently. The early days of digital media and entertainment have proven to be a successful experiment, but there is still much to do. The next generation will require new technologies for delivery but also to create a hyper-personalized experience. This moderated discussion brought together entertainment leaders in discussion around major issues including:

  • 5G: the edge media experience
  • Streaming and Subscriptions: the cloud-driven direct-to-consumer media revolution
  • Al and automation: enabling next-gen media platforms and supply chains
  • The digital playbook for agility, value, and flexibility