Avasant NASSCOM Digital Enterprise Report – A New Order Out of Chaos

February, 2021


Report Summary

Over the past few years, enterprises have been sailing the digital transformation voyage at their own pace. Due to the coronavirus, they were forced to accelerate their initiatives. Digital became a necessary pre-requisite to survive and thrive in this COVID era. Digitally enabled, cloud-based, data-driven, customer-first companies demonstrated strong resilience and innovation throughout the unprecedented level of disruption. This paved the way for other enterprises to reimagine their business and delivery models and accelerate digital investments.

In light of this rapid shift, NASSCOM and Avasant conducted a detailed survey of about 280 companies across industries to understand the enterprise outlook in relation to their operational continuity, digital investments, financial health, and workforce strategy. The report based on the survey offers insights at the industry as well as geographic level in terms of top-line performance during the pandemic, blended workforce environment, technology adoption and trends, and digital investment road map.

The report also recognizes the role of service providers in managing disruptions and minimizing the impact of COVID-19 on enterprises. It identifies the opportunities for providers with respect to current and future digital requirements. The report also highlights the commercial and delivery-model imperatives that providers must meet to remain competitive with evolving enterprise criterion for vendor selection. Finally, the report offers a forward-looking view on the collaborative human-machine digital workforce and new drivers of change across customer behavior and workforce transformation.

Key Findings

    • 60% of global enterprises are fast-tracking their digital projects
    • 10%-30% increase in digital investments over next 18 months
    • 65% of enterprises indicate preparing for a hybrid/blended workforce
    • 80% willing to have a location-agnostic workforce
    • 60% of firms looking to introduce new delivery models to enhance CX