Business Process Services Pricing and Solution Trends: H1 2023

June, 2023


In this report, Avasant provides key information on pricing and solution trends for the Business Process Services (BPS) industry from the past 12 months. The report covers various aspects including market demand and provider solution trends and commercial engagement trends, which include transition trends and transformation. It also provides a viewpoint on how pricing models in the industry are changing. The report provides trends for emerging locations for offshorable opportunities in LATAM and the Americas region. Finally, it covers solution, pricing, and staffing trends in finance and accounting, supply chain management, hire-to-retire, and customer services. The geographic coverage is global, with a large share of data points from North America. The report builds on insights gathered through our enterprise interactions, ongoing market research, data collection, and the AvaMarkTM Price Benchmarking database.

Business Process Services Pricing and Solution Trends:

    • Resource pyramid is shifting toward junior staffing
    • Price increments are significant in non-transactional services FTE Rate Cards
    • Pricing strategy is key in managed services deals
    • Automation-led digital operations are in the spotlight