Computer Economics: Revisiting the Impact of COVID-19 on IT Organizations in 2020

As we move into the fourth quarter of 2020, the impact of the coronavirus on IT organizations is becoming clearer. Our survey in late spring showed most companies were standing pat with IT budgets, wondering exactly what to do. Now, our repeat of that survey paints a much clearer picture of how IT leaders responding to the crisis, with some surprising results.

This Digital Forum featured Avasant Research thought leaders sharing insights on:

  • How IT spending and staffing budget metrics have been affected by past recessions
  • An updated look at how the pandemic is affecting IT operational and capital budgets, IT hiring and salary changes, outsourcing levels, new projects, and cloud spending
  • IT leader expectations for remote working arrangements before, during, and after the pandemic
  • Recommendations for IT leaders in managing through the crisis

Watch the Webinar Video to know more :

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