Intelligent Document Processing Platforms 2023 RadarView Scan™

December, 2023


Report Summary

This RadarView Scan provides key information on select vendors that offer intelligent document processing (IDP) platforms. The report begins with the definition and scope of the IDP platforms, followed by the leading vendors that offer these services. It highlights the capabilities of 14 such vendors offering IDP platforms to enterprises.

The profile provides an overview of the vendor and its solutions and capabilities developed and business challenges solved for enterprises, along with key developments around IDP platforms.

Why read this RadarView Scan?

In recent years, the demand for IDP has surged rapidly due to the exponential increase in the volume of unstructured data from various IT and operational technology (OT) sources. Additionally, the widespread adoption of generative AI in the last year has opened new opportunities for businesses to process and capitalize on this information, with enterprises increasingly seeking advanced IDP platforms that can handle multimodal data processing and ensure data confidentiality and accessibility.

This report identifies 14 vendors offering IDP platforms. It also provides a comprehensive view of their capabilities.

The following figure from the full report illustrates vendor assessment:

MoneyShot2 Intelligent Document Processing Platforms 2023 RV Scan 1030x687 - Intelligent Document Processing Platforms 2023 RadarView Scan™

Featured providers

This RadarView Scan includes an analysis of ABBYY, AntWorks, BIS, EXL, HCLTech, Hyperscience, Infrrd, Indico Data, Kofax, Metamaze, OpenText, Rossum, and Taiger.


The insights and analysis presented are based on our ongoing interactions with senior executives, vendors, subject matter experts, and Avasant Fellows, along with lessons learned from consulting engagements.

Our evaluation of vendors is based on public disclosures, case studies, product sheets, executive interviews, and our ongoing market interactions. We assess the providers’ IDP platform implementation capabilities across enterprises, leading to our recognition of the vendors that have brought the most value to the market.

Table of contents

Definition and scope (Page 3)

  • Defining intelligent document processing platforms

Executive summary (Pages 4–5)

  • About Intelligent Document Processing Platforms RadarView Scan

Lay of the land (Pages 6–8)

  • Providers are integrating generative AI across the value chain to augment unstructured data extraction.
  • Enterprise demand for multimodal data processing and faster IDP implementation on the cloud is rising.

RadarView Scan overview (Pages 9–13)

  • Research methodology and coverage

Vendor assessment (Pages 14–15)

  • Assessment of IDP platform vendors

Vendor profiles (Pages 16–30)

  • ABBYY, AntWorks, BIS, EXL, HCLTech, Hyperscience, Indico Data, Infrrd, Kofax, Metamaze, OpenText, Rossum, Taiger, and UiPath.

Key contacts (Page 32)