Leading with a Unified and Integrated Approach to the Cloud – The New Way to Stay Ahead in the Cloud Services Market

January, 2022


During the pandemic enterprises shifted from deploying point solutions to implementing massive infrastructure overhauls. This included revisiting workplace services, service desks, data centers, networks, and migrating to hybrid clouds. Service providers are now forced to change how they approach enterprise customers and move from an implementation-centric model to an integrated service model that calls for a consultative approach to sales and solutions delivery. This requires service providers to bring in consulting professionals with specific domain experience and work with sales and delivery executives to manage key accounts. Increasingly, service providers are scaling their consulting side of the business, primarily by acquiring capabilities from outside. Additionally, providers are developing partnerships to ensure a vibrant ecosystem around consulting partners for cloud and security.

The change in customer behavior became the perfect platform for service providers to offer integrated cloud solutions by bringing together their consulting and advisory services, domain expertise, and deep engineering capabilities. Over the past 12 to 18 months, several leading service providers stepped up to enable enterprises to redesign their infrastructure from the core.

This report discusses how Wipro followed this trend by introducing Wipro FullStride Services for its customers. As part of its cloud strategy, in July 2021, Wipro introduced Wipro FullStride Cloud Services to strengthen its position as a full-stack service provider that looks at personas, processes, data, apps, and infrastructure. It has been advancing its cloud initiatives by globalizing its existing offerings, augmenting its assets, setting up dedicated business units for major cloud platform providers, and making the workforce cloud ready. The company plans to invest USD 1 billion over the next three years in technology, acquisitions, people, and partnerships.

Wipro FullStride utilizes more than 1,000 standard blueprints and over 40 industry solutions to design and manage cloud projects and brings a prescriptive way of transforming the existing operating model into NextGen IT. It tries to answer the following three questions for customer organizations:

    • How do teams need to be configured?
    • What are the skills that are required?
    • How can the whole transformation piece be accelerated?

It follows a four-stage approach to accelerate the entire cloud adoption journey: consulting/advisory, accelerators, commercial construct, and domain-driven.

Clearly, all the associated capabilities that it acquired for the build-up of the FullStride Cloud Services announcement would come into play to make this possible—technology consulting, financial services, engineering services, enterprise solutions, and vertical markets. Among all the Wipro’s deals, the Capco deal was the most strategic, aimed toward scaling the consulting side of the business. In addition, Wipro recently acquired Edgile, a US-based cybersecurity consulting provider. Through Edgile, Wipro aims to scale its cybersecurity consulting arm and have a say in boardroom decision-making.

Successful integrated technology providers will be those that help enterprises layout a future road map around the digital workplace underpinned by business, process, and technology transformation. This will result in enabling enterprises to achieve speed to market, innovation at scale, and security of the ecosystem.