Misuse of Computer Equipment and Networks Is a Growing Problem

December, 2002

December 2, 2002

(CARLSBAD, CA)  Many companies now require employees to sign “appropriate use” agreements if they have access to company-owned computer equipment and networks. Of course in today’s high-tech world that means almost everyone in the company is required to sign this type of agreement. In many cases, not signing an agreement is grounds for immediate dismissal or for refusal to hire.

Even so, the number of companies reporting computer and network related misuse incidents continues to escalate. In a study conducted by Computer Economics in mid-year 2002, the results of this trend illustrated an alarming fact. As the figure below indicates, almost 50% of the companies in our study reported that they have been forced to terminate at least one employee for violating the company’s computer and network appropriate use policies.


Terminated an Employee for Misuse


Percent of Respondents





Don’t Know


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