MORE E-Sales Intelligence Reports for 1Q01: Banking, Finance, and Insurance (Feb 2001)

August, 2002


Visa International reported that global sales volume surpassed US$1.8 trillion for the year ending December 31, 2000. This represents a 21% increase in global sales volume over 1999. Visa also saw a 19% increase in the number of Visa transactions. During the peak holiday shopping season in December 2000, Visa processed almost 4,000 transactions per second. Visa saw the most dramatic growth in its CEMEA (Central Europe-Middle East-Africa), Asia-Pacific, and Latin America & Caribbean regions with year-to-year growth rates of 51%, 45%, and 31% respectively. There are currently over one billion Visa payment cards issued globally. The Visa acceptance network includes over 21 million merchants and 652,000 ATMs.