Moving from Cost Optimization to Value Realization through Managed Governance Services

October, 2017

While it is clear that there is a shift toward automation and digital business solutions, the truth of the matter is that many organizations are still dealing with legacy operating systems and contracts. If your perception of relationship management with your suppliers involves getting together periodically for dinner or coffee, you are not realizing the full value of your sourcing contracts. By transforming the way you look at governance with your suppliers, governance can enable greater value realization and transformation than many realize. By optimizing the efficiency of day-to-day operations, business leaders free themselves to get on to the greater, transformative conversations. This session will address governance services trends, strategies and examples of what is being done by leading organizations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the latest trends in governance
  • Maximize sourcing value realization, optimize services governance, reduce total cost of vendor governance, and leverage the vendor governance function as a strategic partner to the business through Managed Governance Services
  • Hear examples/success stores from organizations who have implemented these strategies