The Future of BPO: How Human Cloud and Infrastructure Cloud are changing the Game

April, 2014


The Human Cloud and the Cloud infrastructure are defining a new alternative to the traditional BPO services in various key segments of work. It is fast changing the dynamics of how the BPO industry has been operating. Service providers, in order to differentiate and avoid the commoditization penalty, will need to invest in this transformative model to stay competitive. Buyers would need to think differently and re-organize their service strategies to be able to benefit from this new paradigm. The Human cloud services are only going to grow more sophisticated and will take up a significant portion of the BPO pie in the years to come.

The Cloud is fast evolving and empowering small enterprises with remote workforces to compete on par with larger businesses. Global collaboration and resource pooling is overcoming traditional constraints of geography and infrastructure. The cloud has created a level playing field for all businesses irrespective of size and location. Entrepreneurs are finding ways to collaborate and significantly reduce the time to develop and deploy products. An easy access to state-of-the-art development tools and infrastructure is boosting innovation. Adequate bandwidth is diminishing latency to near real-time. Adding the human element to the Cloud has created the Human Cloud. The Human Cloud can be loosely defined as a self-organizing ecosystem that engages a pool of digital workers for a wide variety of on demand and ad hoc services. Human Cloud is providing a definitive answer to the challenge of analyzing large swathes of data by harnessing the power of distributed computing and the problem solving capacity of an array of human brains. This is providing hitherto unattainable flexibility, cost saving, speed of execution and transparency, all instrumental in an age of ubiquitous business where immediacy is the first and most important metric and expediency trumps accuracy. The Human Cloud in conjunction with Cloud Infrastructure is making Location irrelevant and Virtualization of Work a reality.