Vendor Discounts on Computer Equipment (Feb. 2006)

February, 2006


Market intelligence on current discounting practices for computer equipment can be difficult for buyers to obtain. Vendors often require buyers to sign non-disclosure agreements as a condition to receiving their largest and best discounted. As a result, future buyers may find it difficult to determine whether the discount that the vendor is offering is typical or whether a better deal can be negotiated. This report, based on our knowledge of current market conditions, provides IT buyers with insight and guidance concerning current discount structures on a variety of categories of computer equipment. Categories include personal computers (desktops, notebooks, and monitors), servers (blade servers, mainframes, and midrange servers), workstations, disk systems, tape storage, miscellaneous I/O, and networking equipment. Vendors covered include IBM, HP, Sun, EMC, HDS, StorageTek, Cisco, Juniper, and CipherOptics. (6 pp., 15 figs.)