Web/E-Commerce Staffing Ratios 2010

November, 2010


While companies continue to invest in web technology, we find that they are not significantly increasing web specialists as a percentage of the total IT staff. This report provides guidance on how typical IT organizations are staffing their web operations. We first provide an overview on web staffing, look at the trend in web staffing over a three-year period, the number of organizations that have web specialists, and the frequency and level of web systems outsourcing. We then provide benchmarks on web/e-commerce staff by organization size, including web/e-commerce staff as a percentage of the IT staff and application developers per web/e-commerce staff member. For organizations that do not have web specialists, we provide the same benchmarks for the application group as a whole. Finally, we look at how web staff size varies by sector. (19 pp., 10 figs.)
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