Avasant Digital Forum: Winning Perspectives on Building the Optimum Hybrid Cloud Roadmap

April, 2022


Winning Perspectives on Building the Optimum Hybrid Cloud Roadmap

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We all agree that the future of IT is hybrid. Hybrid cloud has become the infrastructure of choice for enterprises that want the benefits of public cloud, while still supporting and running on-premise and private cloud workloads. The future calls for a hybrid cloud foundation.  But if IT leaders are not careful, a hybrid cloud environment can get incredibly complex, with each cloud provider having its own protocols, tools, and standards. This inflates the cost of IT and limits the portability of systems, increases IT security risks, hindering business agility. An open hybrid cloud approach can help optimize the full scope of your IT organization. In this dynamic panel discussion, we discussed approaches to pursue that can help your IT environments to become more manageable—one that will future-proof your enterprise and provide the foundation for innovation. These will include: 

  • Understanding the factors driving decisions on where to deploy applications. 
  • Risks in relying on proprietary tools and systems in managing cloud workloads. 
  • Cloud-native application development technologies and how they can be combined with existing approaches to create a robust, productive IT system 
  • Case studies and examples of enterprises that have built a cloud-native, open, hybrid cloud foundation.