Imagination to Action - Empowering Beyond 2023

Akshay Khanna and his peers discuss what digital native is and how this business model is vital to the future of global enterprise.

Akshay Khanna

Managing Partner and Global Lead, Avasant Labs


Akshay Khanna has over a decade of operations and management experience. Most recently, he led Operations for India’s largest Digital Payments & Mobile Wallet platform. Prior to this, he co-founded a Services Marketplace firm, Earlier, as a management consultant, he has worked with several global clients including international financial institutions assisting in Strategy, Policy Development, Operational Optimization, Growth, and Global Sourcing initiatives.


  • Digital Payments
  • Digital Marketplace
  • Sourcing Strategy and Roadmap
  • Global Transactions
  • Governance
  • IT Strategy
  • Benchmarking
  • Project Management


Discover Akshay Khanna's deep insights into technology and business strategy with a focus on embracing disruption, leveraging generative AI, and optimizing enterprise strategies in the digital age.

Publications and Features

Akshay Khanna's work spans topics like generative AI, digital enterprise maturity, open innovation, and sustainable sourcing, providing valuable guidance for enterprises navigating the digital landscape.

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