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Avasant launches Strativa Edge™— a pioneering AI-powered platform for real-time market intelligence


Avasant today announced the launch of Strativa Edge™, an AI-powered platform providing industry insights and market intelligence for buyers and sellers of business and technology products and services. Combining Avasant’s proprietary research and analysis with large-scale curation of public information, this next-generation platform gives buyers insights into the current capabilities of technology providers and gives providers real time market intelligence on major accounts along with their strategic priorities.

Strativa Edge features a number of key differentiators:

  • Purpose-built for business and technology services sourcing, leveraging Avasant’s deep experience of strategic sourcing triggers and identifying transformation opportunities for clients.
  • Market data and insights curated through Avasant’s participation in over $28 billion of sourcing deals annually.
  • A generative-AI frontend powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 allows clients to submit natural language queries and receive tailored responses.
  • Proprietary AI and ML models consume, categorize, and analyze large amounts of public information on buyers and providers.
  • Analysis augmented through practitioner insights from Avasant Fellows, who are CXOs from various industries.
  • Detailed information is accessible on over 2,000 business and technology service providers and their capabilities.
  • Available for 20 industry verticals with intelligence on more than 500 major enterprises across 15 insight clusters, including ratings of technology investments using Avasant’s STIR Index (Strativa Technology Investment Radar Index)

The market landscape is evolving rapidly. A provider that has performed well in the past may not be the right partner for tomorrow. For enterprise buyers, Strativa Edge provides a wealth of intelligence about their current and prospective business and technology providers. It also affords insights into the buyer’s industry and its competitors.

“Strativa Edge began as an internal platform to equip our own advisors during strategic sourcing deals,” said Swapnil Bhatnagar, Senior Director at Avasant. “But we quickly learned that the platform could deliver tremendous value to our clients directly, allowing them to mine the data and perform their own due diligence on providers.”

Service providers also need market intelligence. Strativa Edge gives account teams a head start in understanding the current situation for major accounts and prospects. With its AI capabilities, Strativa Edge delivers dynamic insights and keeps evolving as more and more information is added. Data is categorized into modules for specific case scenarios to build

actionable insights. It then gives users answers to specific queries pertaining to relevant phases within a deal.

“In today’s fast moving market, real time intel is critical for preempting and shaping transformational deals,” said Anupam Govil, managing partner at Avasant “Because enterprise buyer drivers and priorities are changing rapidly, providers need targeted intel for anticipating and out-competing to come out on top.”

Today’s announcement covers the initial launch of Strativa Edge. Over the next few months, Avasant will continue building out the AI capabilities of the platform, adding to the number of providers and major accounts covered, and providing new insights on the market landscape. Visit our website for more information on Strativa Edge.

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