Cybersecurity Services 2023 Market Insights™

June, 2023


Report Summary

This report identifies key demand-side trends in the cybersecurity services space, helping enterprises fine-tune their cybersecurity strategies. It includes the threat landscape, customer triggers to look at for cybersecurity services, a shifting trend toward industry-specific solutions, and the next frontier for cybersecurity, based on Avasant’s assessment.

Why read this Market Insights?

As cyber threats rise, organizations continue to secure their hybrid environments by refreshing, enabling, and standardizing security controls deployment to address trends emerging around cloudification, Industry 4.0, the convergence of 5G, and software-defined networking. It also implies that enterprise reliance on service providers for specialized cybersecurity needs will increase. These needs include improved threat intelligence and secure access service edge support.

The Cybersecurity Services 2023 Market Insights™ aids enterprises in identifying important market trends and challenges for any cybersecurity project that they take part in.


The industry insights presented in this report are based on our ongoing interactions with enterprise CXOs and other key executives; targeted discussions with service providers, subject matter experts, and Avasant Fellows; analyst insights from primary and secondary research; and lessons learned from consulting engagements.

Table of contents

About the report (Page 3)

Executive summary (Pages 4–7)

    • Defining cybersecurity
    • Key enterprise cybersecurity trends shaping the market
    • Avasant recognizes 30 top-tier providers supporting enterprise adoption of cybersecurity services

Demand-side trends (Pages 813)

    • Ransomware and cyber extortion are not only becoming more common but more damaging to enterprises.
    • Other than rampant cyberattacks, there are various emerging customer triggers to look at for cybersecurity services.
    • Skillsets, interoperability, and integration are among the top five implementation challenges faced by customers.
    • There is a shift from a general-use horizontal solution to industry vertical-specific cybersecurity offerings.

Key contacts (Page 14)

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Please refer to Avasant’s Cybersecurity Services 2023 RadarView™ for detailed insights on the service providers and supply-side trends.