IT Spending & Staffing 2007/2008: Chapter 4, ROI and TCO Trends

June, 2007


Chapter 4 of our 2007/2008 IT Spending, Staffing, and Technology Trends study analyzes the economic experiences of our respondents with a variety of information technologies and IT initiatives, including mainframes, Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows Server OS, portable PCs (laptops), handheld wireless email devices (e.g., Blackberry), operating system virtualization, data center consolidation, storage consolidation, ERP software, CRM software, supply chain software, voice over IP (VoIP), storage area networks (SANs), software as a service, RFID, VAN-based EDI, Internet-based EDI, configuration management database (CMDB), and service-oriented architechture (SOA). (46 pp., 42 figs.)
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