Leveraging IT-BPO Convergence for Enterprise Digital Transformation

July, 2019


To survive and thrive in the digital era, companies will have to fundamentally rethink the way they operate, engage with customers and monetize their offerings. This will require the adoption of a digital business model, reimagination of value chains and leverage of digital prerequisites such as Automation,AI, Analytics and Blockchain. This Digital Transformation can be driven through the convergence between innovative technologies and service providers to help pave the digital customer journey, unleash the power of data and create intelligent systems and processes.

How can companies reinvent their partnerships with service providers for effective collaboration and co-innovation, leading to digital transformation?

This whitepaper discusses the current IT-BPO convergence within the bigger picture concerns for CXO’s navigating their business’ way forward on the digital transformation wave. Read the full paper for a discussion outlining the three pillars of digital transformation, how converged IT and BPO services can deliver compelling business benefits and more.