Revolutionizing Governments in the Digital Age: How Can Blockchain Transform the Delivery of Public Services?

July, 2019


Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving, and increasingly presenting new opportunities for organizations in this digital age. This transformative and innovative technology has seized the attention of both corporate and public decision-makers as well as digital leaders across the world. Blockchain offers the potential to positively disrupt the value chains of several industries, providing solutions which involve trust, immutability, and decentralization of information.
While initial developments on blockchain use cases were concentrated on the financial services industry, Blockchain discussion and experiments in the public sector are rapidly emerging globally. As the potential of blockchain to transform public services is realized – instilling trust and confidence in citizens and enhancing productivity, security and integrity for governments – widespread application/ implementation becomes inevitable. Governments are proactively learning about Blockchain technology and running pilots, tests and trials to effectively examine its potential as a basis for government service provision and procurement as well as its application for internal use.
To improve public service delivery, governments will have to fundamentally rethink the way they operate and engage with citizens. While the application of blockchain technology for the public sector is still in nascent stages, there is much more to explore and greater benefits to be derived. It is imperative for governments to experiment with blockchain aggressively if they are to realize their goal of managing and securing trusted data and instilling faith in citizens. The future is all about delivering data-driven services, and it is only by iterating, learning and unlearning that governments can figure out optimal ways of using blockchain for better operations, service responsiveness, faster innovation, and effectively competing in the digital economy.
This whitepaper covers topics such as Imperatives of Blockchain for Governments, Applications of Blockchain to overcome Governments’ challenges, Government challenges to Blockchain Adoption, the road ahead and more.