Enlightened Disruption – Empowering Beyond 2024 Keynote by Kevin Parikh


Session Abstract

The keynote presentation by Kevin Parikh explores the concept of “Enlightened Disruption,” the point where innovation enables humanity to transform ideas into action instantaneously. He traces the historical impact of disruptive innovations, particularly since 1940, highlighting how global crises have consistently spurred technological advancements leading to new world orders. He emphasizes that each global crisis has led to technological advancements, such as the atomic bomb, the ARPANET, and digital technologies, which have redefined world orders and transformed the way we live, work, and interact with each other.

Currently, Kevin identifies that we are faced with a  “poly crisis” involving geopolitical conflicts, economic instability, and resource scarcity. He argues that AI is the next wave of disruptive innovation poised to address these challenges and propel humanity into the Imagination Age. This new era will be characterized by the convergence of human creativity and advanced technology, allowing for instantaneous realization of ideas and enhanced productivity.

Kevin highlights the necessity of adapting business strategies to this rapidly changing landscape, emphasizing the importance of investing in AI and other technologies. He stresses the potential of AI to achieve global sustainable development goals, improve productivity, and foster human connections by reducing dependence on visible technology.

Kevin envisions a future where enlightened disruption driven by AI leads to unprecedented human creativity and productivity, achieving a balance between technological advancements and human well-being. This he calls, the Imagination Age.