IAOP GOV20: Governance Reimagined: Enabling Business Agility in the Digital Enterprise

October, 2020

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IAOP Gov20 In Partnership with Avasant, October 7-9, 2020

In the era of Digital Transformation, our vendor relationships have become increasingly complex. The rapid adoption of digital technologies, flexible contracts and platform-based services have necessitated a radical change in the global service delivery modelAnd now, the COVID-19 pandemic is further transforming our vendor relationships, pushing us to redefine our engagement strategies, restructure contracts and increase offshore delivery 

We are witnessing a greater demand for transparency, business continuity assurance and contingency management with our vendors. This calls for a need to govern our relationships differently. The new rules set by continuously evolving business landscape forces us to rethink how we govern, and create adaptable, resilient and responsive governance models.   

Future of Governance: Demonstrated