IT Spending Focus for Second Half of 2003

October, 2003

In a recent survey, Computer Economics asked approximately 50 IT managers where they intend to focus their IT spending through the remainder of 2003. The results indicate that there are four key focus areas for most IT shops.

Infrastructure Upgrades/Acquisitions
One-third of the IT managers stated they will focus spending on their data center environment. This will include upgrading or enhancing their server/mainframe systems, as well as adding storage capacity. In some instances, this will include adding or upgrading network infrastructure.

Application Development/Enhancement
Almost one-fourth of the IT managers indicated that they would focus the majority of their spending to increase the functionality of their application systems or to develop new systems. Specific applications were not identified in this survey.

Process Development
Another quarter of the managers indicated that their key focus area will be to improve the effectiveness of the critical IT processes they use to manage their IT environment. This includes processes that govern such important functions as security, project, problem, budget, procurement, customer, vendor, and performance management.

IT Personnel
Approximately one-eighth of the IT managers indicated that they will focus spending on IT personnel issues, including recruitment, training, and retention. The results of the survey are shown in Figure 1.

IT Spending Focus for 2H03 

rb10063 - IT Spending Focus for Second Half of 2003

Computer Economics Survey 3Q03