Quantum Computing in Action – Charting a New Course for Logistics Optimization

October, 2023


In today’s interconnected world, optimization decisions, whether large or small, profoundly impact business operations. From optimizing travel routes to reducing risk in financial operations, optimization permeates the most foundational aspects of business workflows. Nevertheless, not all these decisions are straightforward. Business problems with an exponential set of potential solutions, such as the traveling salesperson problem that aims to find the shortest possible route to deliver mail and packages, are notoriously tough due to the necessity of exploring all options to reach the best solution.

Addressing these challenges requires strategic investment in innovative tools, robust data management practices, and using pre-trained ML models effectively. However, the ever-accelerating pace of data generation and the need to run numerous scenarios for optimal decision-making continues to be daunting. The limitations of traditional computing capabilities often pose significant challenges in managing vast amounts of data in real-time. This situation underscores the need to pivot to the next generation of computing power—high-performance computing, edge, and quantum computing modalities.

In this whitepaper, we look at solutions developed by Unisys to address these challenges. For instance, to help airlines anticipate and evaluate multiple intricate factors in their decision-making processes across the movement of goods through the value chain, Unisys has introduced an advanced data analytics solution suite, Unisys Quantum IQ™. The first industry product launched under this portfolio is the Unisys Logistics Optimization solution, backed by the company’s extensive experience in logistics management systems. Unisys’ plans for expansion into other sectors, such as banking, are already in motion. The extended solutions will cover use cases such as fraud detection, portfolio optimization, and hyper-personalization solutions aimed at reducing customer churn rates. By 2025–2026, Unisys intends to broaden its reach further, catering to the healthcare and telecom sectors, thus positioning itself as a specialized player offering optimization solutions across industries.