The Recovery of IT Spending in 2021

August, 2021

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The Recovery of IT Spending in 2021

In a remarkable bounce back from the onset of the worldwide pandemic, three quarters of companies this year are poised to increase their IT operational budgets, a record in the cloud era. Organizations across nearly every sector and company size are planning IT budget increases in line with pre-COVID-19 economic conditions. Are happy days here again? Mostly, with some caveats.

Based on the results of the 32nd annual Computer Economics IT spending benchmarks survey just completed, our digital forum outlined how companies are responding to the pandemic recovery. Frank Scavo, president of Avasant Research, and David Wagner, senior research director at Avasant Research, discussed these latest IT spending trends, including:

  • The depth and breadth of IT budget increases
  • How spending priorities are changing in the recovery
  • Staffing roles most in demand for the new economy
  • Other findings from our flagship IT spending and staffing study