Digital Masters 2023 Market Insights™

August, 2023


Report Summary

This report is a comprehensive study of enterprise digital technology adoption. It describes top technology trends, best practices, enterprise challenges, and how service providers can hyperconverge key technologies, including cloud, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and analytics, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, software-defined WAN, and blockchain, to drive digital transformation for enterprise clients. It also highlights the current landscape of generative AI, the key players, recent developments, and trends.

Why read this Market Insights?

Enterprises are always looking to optimize costs to prepare for and to overcome economic challenges. However, instead of shelving their digital transformation projects due to such pressures, businesses are opting for zero-cost transformation strategies. Digital Masters are stepping up to these challenges to help enterprises innovate with the hyperconvergence of technologies. These providers are also investing in refining their generative AI capabilities to enable companies to discover new revenue streams and realize efficiency gains.

The Digital Masters 2023 Market Insights™ aids enterprises in identifying important market trends and expectations for any digital transformation projects they undertake.


The industry insights and recommendations in this report are based on our ongoing interactions with enterprise CXOs and other key executives; targeted discussions with service providers, subject matter experts, and Avasant Fellows; analyst insights from primary and secondary research; and lessons learned from consulting engagements.

Table of contents

About the Digital Masters 2023 Market Insights report (Page 3)

Executive summary (Pages 4–7)

    • Definition and scope
    • Executive summary for Digital Masters RadarView
    • Avasant recognizes 17 Digital Masters helping enterprises with digital transformation via technology hyperconvergence

Key macroeconomic factors impacting enterprises (Pages 8–15)

    • The overall economic outlook, although positive in the near future, remains challenging in the medium term
    • The banking sector continues to witness regulatory and inflationary challenges
    • Enterprises pivot toward zero-cost transformation to achieve digital transformation goals amid cost pressures
    • Cybersecurity is essential for digital transformation as new priorities emerge for enterprises
    • Stringent compliance requirements across the world still drive the growth in ESG adoption

Innovating through hyperconvergence of digital technologies (Pages 16–20)

    • Enterprises have realized the importance of investing in multiple digital technologies to tap into newer opportunities
    • Enterprises are increasingly leveraging hyperconvergence to advance their digital transformation initiatives
    • Digital Masters help enterprises address the current challenges by innovating in technology hyperconvergence
    • Digital Masters have made focused investments to cater to the evolving enterprise demand

Embracing the next phase of technology evolution: Generative AI (Pages 21–28)

    • Enterprises across industries are experimenting with generative AI to leverage its benefits, which in turn is driving adoption
    • Generative AI presents a massive opportunity across sectors, impacting businesses and creating a competitive advantage
    • Generative AI projects under consideration fall into two buckets based on business objectives
    • Keeping in line with enterprise expectations, providers are upgrading themselves for the generative AI opportunity

Key contacts (Page 29) 

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Please refer to Avasant’s Digital Masters 2023 RadarView™ for detailed insights on the service providers featured.