End-user Computing Services 2023 Market Insights™

September, 2023


Report Summary

This report identifies key demand-side trends in the end-user computing services space, helping enterprises fine-tune their end-user computing transformation strategies. It provides an overview of key trends and enterprise challenges that Avasant sees as important to be highlighted in the end-user computing services space.

Why read this Market Insights?

End-user computing plays a pivotal role in enterprises, driven by evolving requirements, such as enhancing endpoint security, enabling remote device management, reducing the environmental impact of workplaces, fostering collaboration, and automating administrative tasks. Traditional service-level agreements often fall short of measuring the impact on user experience and business outcomes. Hence, enterprises are increasingly embracing the experience-level agreement (XLA) approach to shift their focus toward aspects such as user experience, proactive solutions, device efficiency, self-service adoption, and precise issue resolution when evaluating end-user computing services. Additionally, end-user computing services empower enterprises to enhance workplace sustainability, improve support services using AI, and enhance user experiences in hybrid and remote work settings through immersive collaboration tools.

The End-user Computing Services 2023 Market Insights™ aids enterprises in identifying important market trends and challenges for any end-user computing project that they take part in.


The industry insights presented in this report are based on our ongoing interactions with enterprise CXOs and other key executives; targeted discussions with service providers, subject matter experts, and Avasant Fellows; analyst insights from primary and secondary research; and lessons learned from consulting engagements.

Table of contents

About the report (Page 3)

Executive summary (Pages 4–7)

    • Defining end-user computing services
    • Key enterprise end-user computing services trends shaping the market
    • Avasant recognizes 24 top-tier providers supporting the enterprise adoption of end-user computing services

Demand-side trends (Pages 812)

    • Nearly 80% of enterprises include components of XLAs in their end-user computing services contracts
    • Enhancing sustainability is a significant factor driving the adoption of end-user computing services
    • Enterprises take multiple measures to optimize end-user support and maintenance services
    • Enterprise best practices to improve user productivity in remote and hybrid work environments

Key contacts (Pages 13)

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Please refer to Avasant’s End-user Computing Services 2023 RadarView™ for detailed insights on the service providers and supply-side trends.